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Making mobility happen. Where next-generation innovations in transportation are needed to ensure the mobility of people and goods, Traffic Technologies, Inc. is providing comprehensive transportation consulting services that deliver optimum performance in ITS, ETC and conventional tolling environments. From the development of new systems from the ground up or the refinement of existing facilities, we make mobility happen.

Focused capabilities. Traffic Technologies, Inc. is the trusted transportation consulting resource of public agencies nationwide. Our focused capabilities consistently deliver new and refined transportation systems that meet the performance and reliability objectives of public agencies and their private-sector partners.

Detailed knowledge. Traffic Technologies, Inc.’s team of engineers and toll system specialists possesses a global, detailed knowledge of current and next-generation ITS, ETC and conventional tolling technologies. We apply this knowledge in the development of new systems and the refinement of existing facilities with an understanding and sensitivity to the relationship between technology capabilities and the political, fiduciary and public-perception dynamics that govern the new era in toll-based transportation infrastructure development.

Integrated resource. Traffic Technologies, Inc. is an integrated resource of the public agency’s project management team. Our collaborative approach permits the seamless application of our technology, design, specification, project management, operations and reporting expertise in the context of the agency’s unique transportation, legal, financial, government and public affairs requirements.

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